Résumé Writing

A well written resume is often the difference between being screened out and receiving an interview!  Contact us if free online do-it-yourself training on Resume writing is helpful, otherwise let our expert résumé writers with 15 years recruiting experience write one that provides the following:

(1) Clear Marketing Message   (2) Summary   (3) List of Core Competencies   (4) Effective use of White Space   (5) Perfect Style Consistency   (6) Proof of Achievements   (7) Clear Sentence Structure and more!

A senior-level recruiting expert will work with you by phone and through email to dig deep for grasping the big picture of your highest point of contribution!

  • Résumé Rewrite, layout revisions, new sentence structures – $299 (4+ years experience Mid-level – Senior / Executive level)
  • Résumé Layout / headings redesign, using existing sentence structures – $159 (all levels)
  • Résumé Rewrite – $159 to $199 (Junior Level, 2 – 3 years experience)
  • Entry-level Résumé – $99 (less than 1 years experience)

We provide Résumé Analysis for only $10 that provides details in a report about your résumés’ First Impression, Marketing Message, Key Elements, Profile, Summary, Core Competencies, and more.

100% Guaranteed Satisfaction